Where can I find your wedding dresses?

Check out our Stockists for full details of bridal boutiques with Love Story Bride dresses in store for you to try.

How long do your dresses take to order?

This does depend on the boutique you order from, as they may add in time for alterations. 

It’s usually around 4 months, but it can be as quick as 4 weeks. It’s worth asking your boutique. Just remember there’ll likely be a surcharge involved for speedy turnarounds.

How much do your dresses cost?

All Love Story Bride dresses and accessories have an RRP as displayed on this website. These prices do not include any alterations or adaptations.

Can I customise your dresses?

Yes, you absolutely can, whenever it’s feasible. We offer a range of options − such as split sizing and additional buttons/fabric − but we would advise you to speak to your boutique to ensure any changes are correct and as agreed.

Can I buy your dresses online?

A limited selection of Love Story Bride accessories is available for purchase here.
Our wedding dresses are only sold in store by our selected retailers. 

I’m a Love Story Bride − can I send you my wedding photos?

Of course! We’d love to share your Love Story with the world. Just email us with your photos at press@lovestorybride.com.